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Last Night is a short, moody, cyberpunk adventure game in the spirit of Flashback & Blade Runner. It’s pretty fun!

Role-playing game historian Jon Peterson reviews twelve rare artifacts that grant us unique insight to the initial development of Dungeons & Dragons. They include original documents from Braunstein, an early letter from Gary Gygax on the medieval setting, Dave Arneson’s notes for his own early medieval game, fanzines and maps associated with the Castle & Crusade Society, and various pre-publication D&D rules.

Back in 1991, brothers Rand and Robyn Miller led a team at Cyan, Inc. to create a puzzle-adventure game would change the face of PC gaming forever. Its unique premise, simple mechanics and beautiful artwork made MYST one of the best-selling PC games of all time. Now you too can have your very own MYST Linking Book courtesy of SparkFun!

I can’t love Feminist Frequency enough for troubling the gamer binary. If you’re unfamiliar with Feminist Frequency or Anita Sarkeesian.

Feminist Frequency is an ongoing series of video commentaries exploring gender representations, myths and messages in popular culture media. Created and hosted by Anita Sarkeesian.

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In this episode we explore the Women as Background Decoration trope which is the subset of largely insignificant non-playable female characters whose sexuality or victimhood is exploited as a way to infuse edgy, gritty or racy flavoring into game worlds. These sexually objectified female bodies are designed to function as environmental texture while titillating presumed straight male players. Sometimes they’re created to be glorified furniture but they are frequently programmed as minimally interactive sex objects to be used and abused.

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The Tropes vs Women in Video Games project aims to examine the plot devices and patterns most often associated with female characters in gaming from a systemic, big picture perspective. This series will include critical analysis of many beloved games and characters, but remember that it is both possible (and even necessary) to simultaneously enjoy media while also being critical of it’s more problematic or pernicious aspects. This video series is created by Anita Sarkeesian and the project was funded by 6968 awesome backers on

A Game as Literary Tutorial: Dungeons & Dragons Has Influenced a Generation of Writers

Dungeons and Dragons is on its 5th edition and New York Times writer Ethan Gilsdorf writes about the impact D&D and other table-top role-playing games had on a generation of writers, myself and most of my writer friends included.